Lawn and Shrubs

All our programs adhere to best management practices.

Country garden - Lawn Care and fertilization program in Eustis, FL


Fertilization Program

Here at A-Pest Exterminator Inc., we offer a comprehensive fertilization program to promote not only maximum growth of your lawn, but also a sound root system for any turf grass or landscaping you may have. Call us today to learn more!

Insect Control

Bugs don’t only infest your homes. They can infest your lawns too. When certain pests take over your lawn they can damage your plants by eating their roots or by stealing their nutrients. We will treat the surface and sub-surface of your lawn to target troublesome insects so that your landscaping remains healthy and beautiful.

Weed & Sedge Control

Weeds and sedges are an unsightly blemish to your lawn.
A-Pest Exterminator Inc. offers an annual weed control program, using pre- and post-emergent herbicides, and is included with our lawn spray service.

Fungus Control

A-Pest Exterminator, Inc. offers a pre- and post-fungus control program for all your landscape needs.