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Are bees buzzing you? Can you hear buzzing in your walls? From hornets in the ground, to honeybees in the attic, A-Pest Exterminator can solve all your bee problems. No job too big or too small. So “bee” quick and give us a call.

Mosquito Reduction

Mosquitoes may be the greatest threat to man. Mosquitoes, such as malaria, West Nile virus, and encephalitis, have killed millions of people worldwide. Even as a nuisance biter, they can have a major negative impact on a local economy by inhibiting recreational or work environments.

Flea and Tick Control

Getting rid of fleas and ticks when summer heats up can be challenging. Fleas mostly thrive in hot, humid temperatures. Once your home is infested, it can take several flea and tick treatments over a few months to get kill them. 

Ant Control

Ant Control

The best way to stop an ant infestation is to take action before it starts.

When pests enter your property, they leave ant pheromone trails to communicate with their colony members that your home is a place where they can find food and shelter.

Call A-Pest Exterminator to treat your property.

Bed Bug Control

The most effective way to control bed bugs in your home by combining chemical measures and heat treatments applied by a pest management professional.

Tree Injections

Tree injection targets precise application of pesticides, plant resistance activators and fertilizers into the xylem vascular tissue of a tree ton protect the tree from pests or nutrition to correct nutrient deficiencies.

Palm Tree Care

Homeowners are presented with unique challenges when caring for palm trees. To maintain healthy and prosperous palms, it is essential to understand these challenges and to obtain the tools necessary to overcome them.