Pest Control Services

Here at A-Pest Exterminator Inc. we provide eco-friendly pest control services so that your family and pets remain safe at all times. We also provide customized indoor pest control to fit your budget and needs. We have monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly and one-time services for both residential and commercial clients so you only receive the services you need. We service both the interior and exterior of your building and depending on your problem area; we use a combination of materials to ensure proper control.

Exterior Services

We eliminate hornet’s nests and sweep all spider webs that are accessible on the building. And, we provide a residual barrier of protection around your home or office.

Interior Services

We offer a spray or no-spray program for the inside of your home or office. We use different products, all safe for people and pets, to control most home-invading insects. Most services come with a guarantee.